Aviation intermodal

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International Corporate Management requires prompt decisions when by CLEVER Funding winning TIME generates INCOME.

Belgium Aviation & Maritime Corporation’s SkyModal Solution is the best platform to fly through an increasing complex network of transportation for passengers and precious/urgent cargo.
SkyModal is the combination of all intermodal axis formed into a single optimal network whereby air services system with existing cost-effective ocean, rail and road transit provide your business and industrial transport plans for selective passengers and delivery of precious/urgent cargo the most and convenient solution with the fasted time, saving your organisation both time and money.
In fact, by using SkyModal you can save up and reduce your transit time with standard ocean, rail and road complemented by air and in combination with our available large fleet of helicopters.

Win Time and Limit the Expenses.  “SkyModal

SkyModal guarantees the shortest timing for your passenger schedules or delivery of your precious/urgent cargo.
With our SkyModal solution you are presented the worldwide network of transportation axis providing you superiority to act and organize travel/deliver your executive passengers and precious cargo.
Our experienced aviation and maritime experts are at your disposal to calculate and present you with the best intermodal solutions. All industries can count on SkyModal for a customized solution to your needs and time schedule.