Aviation Consulting


Technical and CAMO


Aviation consulting fixed wing & rotary wing


The Fly Belgium consultants as well as our freelancers have a lot of experience at their disposal which they gained in the aviation industry or aviation authorities. This knowledge can be made available to our clients.

Through the direct involvement in the aviation industry and the continuation training of our consultants we are always a step ahead in our fields of business.

Fly Belgium provides amongst other the following consulting services:


Independent Audit Services

Our qualified auditors support the internal quality personnel or perform audits independently on request of our clients.

The following audits can be performed by Fly Belgium:

Internal Audits in the area of Flight Operations, Continuing Airworthiness, Maintenance, Design and Production Organisations



Preparation of Aviation Documentation

Our consultants generate the documentation specifically tailored to comply with the needs of the different organisations. They also assist with developing the documents for specific parts.

The following documents can be prepared by Fly Belgium:

Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME)

Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE)

Safety- and Quality-Management Manual (SQMM)

Design Organisation Handbook (DOH)

Production Organisation Handbook (POH)

Operational Manuals & MEL (OM A–D)

Maintenance programs


Fly Belgium has adequate personnel for the following functions:

Maintenance Manager

Quality Manager

Safety Manager

Continuing Airworthiness Manager



Fly Belgium also provides the following services:

Support for gaining aviation certifications (AOC, CAMO, Part-145, DOA)

Evaluation of processes and implementation of efficient procedures

Cost analysis

Evaluation of aircrafts

Support for import and export of aircrafts

Integration of aircrafts into an AOC/CAMO

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