Horizon GmbH  has an excellent reputation for providing expertise and high-quality services in the marine and offshore environment. As part of this service the company offers a comprehensive Marine, Offshore, Oil, Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical Industries Risk Assessment capability, based upon the availability of all the constituent technical disciplines related to those operations.

Risk Analysis

We have developed a skilled team of risk analysts

who are fully conversant with implementing techniques associated with safety engineering and risk assessment.

One of the increasingly important factors in risk analysis concerns human factors and the potential impact of operator error. Horizon GmbH  has built up significant expertise in the identification of human factors influencing above mentioned operations

and the techniques which are available for the evaluation of human error potentials.

A high level of confidence in the relevance of the human factors assessments is gained from the fact that we have staff available who are experienced with almost all operations and who have real-time knowledge of operating in all above environment.

Technical Assessment

Risk management requires an understanding of the contribution to risk from both initiating hazards and subsequent consequences. Our offers a technical assessment capability which encompasses fire and explosion analysis, stability assessment, structural reliability analysis, dropped object analysis, evacuation, escape and rescue assessment, pollution and personnel risk assessment.